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RCWP-USA Western Region

The Western Region has a special fund named the Frank Lesinski Fund (named after Frank Lesinski who was a non-ordained person devoted to the womens ordination movement). This fund is restricted to organizational outreach and fundraising activities for the region. If you wish your donation to go to this fund–please mark it accordingly.

Please see our Make A Donation for further instructions on how to support the RCWP Western Region

You are invited to become one of a growing number of supporters of Roman Catholic Womenpriests (RCWP-USA, Inc.) which is a non-profit (501(c) 3  religious organization whose mission is to bring about the full equality of women in the Roman Catholic Church while creating a new model of priestly ministry.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests-USA does not perceive itself as a counter-current movement against the Roman Catholic Church. It wants neither a schism nor a break from the Roman Catholic Church, but rather wants to work positively within the Church.

Your tax free contributions will help to nourish our growth and sustain our development in the following ways:

  • Preparing candidates for ordination
  • Underwriting ordination events and activities
  • Assisting candidates with related ordination costs, based on need
  • Developing ministerial, educational, social justice and outreach¬†programs
  • Producing publications and educational materials
  • Providing financial start-up support for the various ministries of our ordained Womenpriests and deacons
  • Maintaining our website:

If you are unable to offer financial support at this time please remember Roman Catholic Womenpriests in your prayers.

We are grateful for your Support!